Miz Lola’s Player One Club is HERE!

Miz Lola’s Player One allows you to oversee when, where, and how much you wish to play when you redeem your cashable vouchers. It has been a long time coming and we are so thankful to you for making Miz Lola’s and Player One your choice for play. Come down and have some fun with our friendly bartenders and see why Miz Lola’s is the place – Where locals get lucky.

Cash & Prizes are in the Air

Hot Seat drawings every Friday and Saturday starting at 7:30pm. Win cash and prizes. Come to one of your favorite Miz Lola’s to join in on the fun, play against your friends and get in on the winning.
Simply log in to Player One on your favorite machine to qualify.

Triple Wheel Spin Bonus

3 days a week, 3x a day, 3 hours long. Any natural Four of a Kind or Keno/Reel win of $200 or more lets you spin to win up to $50!